From Auckland to Zürich, PechaKucha is spreading around the globe. After Bandung, Jakarta is the second Indonesian city to catch the virus.

What is PechaKucha?

PechaKucha is a networking event, seeking to bring together creative minds from all fields. At one PechaKucha Night, up to 14 speakers present their work in the typical PechaKucha format: each person is allowed to show only 20 images, each image lasts for 20 seconds.

The result is a furiously fast-paced, fun row of presentations, at 6:40 min per speaker. This may seem short – but it has proven to be just the right time to offer insight into one’s work and to make a point!

At PechaKucha, designers present alongside architects, filmmakers or even scientists; they can be newcomers or well-established personalities. What binds them together is their exceptional ideas, and, at Pecha Kucha, having to stick to the strict presentation format!

PechaKucha Jakarta was launched on March 10th, 2009. Hopefully, more events will follow.
More details about PechaKucha Global, please visit http://www.pechakucha.org/faq


PechaKucha Night Jakarta Team


9 thoughts on “About

    • halo Lucki,

      boleh aja.. Kalau mau tahu lebih jauh bisa datang ke salah satu Pecha Kucha Jakarta night. More info bisa dilihat di sini. 🙂 Thanks!

  1. Hai, I’m Aditya
    *as seen on the name title*

    Dan I’ve just found out about this pechakucha. Got really excited about this, karena yeah, I’ve been longing for this creative forum for movement. Dan sayangnya saya terlambat mengetahui tentang yg acara pertama. Ada forumnya kah? or semacam discussion group?
    Looking forward to your response. Tks.

  2. Dear PechaKucha Jakarta
    I would like to over a colaboration since we’re having thing Book launching at the end of April This year.
    I am Dilla from IMAJI Books Publishing. We specialized in publishing design, architectural art and culture books. For our second book launching in FX Sudirman Jakarta we are holding a two weeks exhibition starting from 28 April to 12 Mei 2011. The Launching itself will be held at 28 April 2011. along with the launching there are several event we would like to accommodate. We are having Fotography xhibition and also Gathering.
    based on this purpose, we would like Pecha Kucha to join us to share with us. The presentation will be about the community and the work so far done by Pecha Kucha. We also provide a space to Pecha Kucha Member to meet and greet.
    This over is to maintain the audience of our exhibition and also to establish our relation to all the community organization in Jakarta.

    It would be great to hera from you soon. Let me know where i can send you an email about the detail of the exhibition.

    Thank You


    my email address: dmetaleisya@yahoo.com

  3. Hello Pecha Kucha Jakarta,

    Firstly we would like to introduced us, we are FARMAGZ.COM media online based in Jakarta that focuses at Indonesia Arts, Fashion and Lifestyle. We would like to consider a collaboration with Pecha Kucha, it would be great if we can have the contact person whom we can discuss further. Thank you

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