Final List of Speakers

WOW, still overwhelmed by the huge interest in Pecha Kucha. We are currently expecting 15 speakers, after Ryan Koesuma of Bandung’s Helarfest decided to join us just a few days ago!

1. Nina Moran / Co-Founder of Go Girl Magazine: About the success story of Go Girl Mag

2. Hanny Kusumawati / Blogger: About the initiative Coin-a-Chance

3. Bri / Web Entrepreneur: About their work

4. Indro/Hanna / Perfomers: About Lembaga Warkop

5. Didit Majalolo: About Asosiasi Terbang Layang Gantung

6. Mirwan Suarso / TV Producer: About his project Jangan Bikin Malu 2009

7. Cipta Croft-Cusworth / Theme Park and Toy Designer: About his Toy Company Good Guys Never Win

8. Yoshi: About Bunga Matahari, Poetry Readings

9. Adi Purnomo / Architect, Author: About his work

10. Roderick des Tombes: About Eco Tourism and Pulau Macan

11. Eriek Juragan/ Photographer: Javanese Eagles Project

12. Bahtiar and BHI Bloggers: About the projects of Keluarga Nongkrong

13. Yori Antar, Arsitek: About housing in Flores and Papua

14. Michael Tju, Designer: About the good in bad movie posters

15. Ryan Koesuma, Designer: About Bandung’s Helarfest


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