Updated List of Speakers

Some cancellations, some newcomers… and we’re still in discussion with 1-2 more potential speakers!

1. Nina Moran / Co-Founder of Go Girl Magazine: About the success story of Go Girl Mag

2. Hanny Kusumawati / Blogger: About the initiative Coin-a-Chance

3. Bri / Web Entrepreneur: About their work

4. Indro/Hanna / Perfomers: About Lembaga Warkop

5. Didit Majalolo: About Asosiasi Terbang Layang Gantung

6. Mirwan Suarso / TV Producer: About his project Jangan Bikin Malu 2009

7. Cipta Croft-Cusworth / Theme Park and Toy Designer: About his Toy Company Good Guys Never Win

8. Yoshi: About Bunga Matahari, Poetry Readings

9. Adi Purnomo / Architect, Author: About his work

10. Roderick des Tombes: About Eco Tourism and Pulau Macan

11. Eriek Juragan/ Photographer: Javanese Eagles Project

12. Bahtiar and BHI Bloggers: About the projects of Keluarga Nongkrong


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