Welcome to Pecha Kucha Jakarta!

From Auckland to Zürich, Pecha Kucha is spreading around the globe. After Bandung, Jakarta is the second Indonesian city to catch the virus.

What is Pecha Kucha?

Pecha Kucha is a networking event, seeking to bring together creative minds from all fields. At one Pecha Kucha Night, up to 14 speakers present their work in the typical Pecha Kucha format: each person is allowed to show only 20 images, each image lasts for 20 seconds.

The result is a furiously fast-paced, fun row of presentations, at 6:40 min per speaker. This may seem short – but it has proven to be just the right time to offer insight into one’s work and to make a point!

At Pecha Kucha, designers present alongside architects, filmmakers or even scientists; they can be newcomers or well-established personalities. What binds them together is their exceptional ideas, and, at Pecha Kucha, having to stick to the strict presentation format!


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